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Founder and CEO.

I'm glad you found your way to An Original Peace. Something I too had to find. My name is Jasmine Webb, but as you will see, I use the alias jae/j in my work. It's my way of pulling from the unknown places within myself. That's where my work comes from. 

I am a creator. I create my truths through whichever medium calls to me at the time. I've never been fond of the obligation of being an artist, to have niche, style, technique. What I create follows no course of study, nothing I've known, solely what I feel It's all a compilation of what pulls me, shakes me, or moves me. Truths of a moment, phase, or transition of my life and life around me.


Alumni to the Ohio State University, my studies were in science, math, and international economics. My only consistency of presence in art was through my writing. I wrote in journals, on scrap paper, anything I could. I was always shy and writing was my way of "vocalizing" thoughts and feelings I couldn't readily share socially. My family wasn't big on emotions, just results and tangible efforts. Writing was my therapy, my best friend, my conscience. I had no inkling towards any other forms of art until a major shift in my sense of self in September of 2015. I made a drastic change in my love life and pursued a journey of self, on which I found painting and photography. I wasn't identifying with my writings and I needed another outlet, another place to lose myself completely and freely. There, I found myself here, An Original Peace.

I created this page to share my experiences with those of you who may be at a place where you feel compelled to break free from expectation, obligation, and unhappiness. My life goal is to inspire dreamers to push past their biggest hurdle, self.. I spent 25+ years afraid to follow my own path and stray from the route society said leads to success. Now, I'm choosing to write my own story and no longer follow the template of expectation. An Original Peace serves as a creative outlet where I unravel my many layers of being: who I am and whom I'm finding, spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, soulfully, and any other "-ly" there is. I believe there is no one answer, just experiences, feelings, and your truths (whatever they may be)... I am rejecting fear and judgement and creating my freedom, my perspective, my peace.